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  • danikahannon

The One-Two Punch that is CSS

This week I learned how to use the CSS and HTML languages together.

In starting the lesson, I looked at the site I'd be working with and was disappointed. It looked boring.

The site's on the right, with the blue cloud.

I read the first instruction and it said to paste some code into the file and run it.

Here's the code I was working with.

Again, I wasn't impressed. The code was short and I thought it wouldn't do much.

I was wrong.

Immediately after running the code, the sample site became stunning. My jaw dropped (seriously) and after a pause all I could think was, "wow."

It turns out that while HTML holds site content (like the words and photos on a page), CSS brings the formatting and flair.

That "boom-pow!" effect caught me completely off-guard.

And really, I'm so glad it did; because dazzling treats like that don't come every day.

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