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The Burrito that Traveled Through Space & Time

Does Anyone Else Have Weird Dreams?

Last week I dreamt that my husband and I had made a burrito that would transport you through space and time when you took a bite of it.

The burrito was almost perfect, but we were trying to get the bean to tortilla ratio right.

My dream didn't have visuals that were this cool, but I did see my husband and I standing over a burrito and looking at it with serious expressions.

After waking up, I kept thinking about the dream until I teased out some symbolism.

What Could it Bean?

The first couple of insights were straightforward:

  • My husband and I are a team. - We do projects together, like house repairs. (In all honesty, he does most of the work while I point out what he missed. I'm a great helper.)

  • I love food. - I adore cooking, so it makes sense for that motif to show up.

Then I got to the third one:

  • My studying's paying off. - Because the idea of moving through space and time is related to quantum physics, this shows my sub-conscious mind's churning through what I'm learning and trying to make sense of it.That may seem like a leap, but have you ever been in the middle of learning a new language, then had a dream in the language you're learning? I'm fluent in Chinese (大家好) and after a few months of studying it, I had a dream where I spoke Chinese and English. I didn't make much of that, until I told my mom about it. She was thrilled for me and said it means my mind's getting it.

But What of the Burrito Recipe?

Unfortunately I couldn't remember how we made the burrito and what made it so special, but if I ever crack the code, I'll be sure to share it.

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