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Learning Resources for the Long-Run

Because of COVID-19, quite a few organizations have given out free access to their learning tools. While that’s great right now, what if the pay walls go up again?

If that happens, here are free and low-cost sites that you can turn to:

When I moved to Minnesota a few years ago, Hennepin County’s library system quickly became one of my favorite features of the Twin Cities – and for good reason! It’s got an incredible list of online resources and is one of the 25 largest public libraries in the US.

Plus, for a limited time, they’re offering curb-side pick-up and e-cards to make it easier to access their services.

As much as I’d love to pay for every white paper, that gets costly fast. Luckily, I ran across the eLibraryMN. They’ve got free access to academic databases and research papers, which is such a treat.

If you want an interesting read to kick off your research, check this out this paper: The Business of Quantum Computing: Considering the similarities of quantum computing development to the early years of conventional computing.

Udemy has thousands of online courses for as low as $9.99.

If it’s your first time using Udemy, you can take advantage of the new student discounts when you sign up. And if you’re a long-time member, add the courses you want to your wish list, then keep an eye out for sales and scoop up the courses once they’re discounted.

While Udemy isn’t an accredited institution, it’s a fantastic resource for growing your skills at a reasonable price.

And If You Like Twitter …

You’ll have even more fun because Hennepin County Library and Udemy are on Twitter. So if you let them know that you’re learning from their resources, chances are they’ll cheer you on.

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