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Facing My Fears

As I've mentioned, this career shift is intimidating. I'm getting over the fear, but when I first started thinking about the life changes this would bring, I felt shaken. So much so, that I felt the same as when I started learning to swim.

Let me share that memory with you.

I was five years old and my mom had taken my sister and I to a hotel where they gave swimming lessons. The swimming area was loud, echoey and full of strangers.

When my mom introduced me to the swim instructors, one of them looked at me with pity and said, "she's shaking like a rattlesnake."

She was right!

I was frightened to the point that I was visibly shaking.

So what am I afraid of now? Many things.

Let Me Count My Fears

I'm frightened that I'll:

  • Fail.

  • Get rejected by future employers.

  • Start down this path, then realize I've made the wrong choice.

I could go on, but those are the main three.

When I slow down, breathe deep and actually think about those things, they're not so bad.

Take the last fear, for instance. Even if I realize this isn't right for me, that's okay.

I'm going to work hard at this and, most importantly, I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone. No matter what happens, I'll grow from this and that's worth celebrating.

Getting Back to My Roots

When I was a kid, my mom called me "Danibear."

I never asked why, but I like to think it's because she saw I had grit.

After all, remember how scared I was at my first swimming lesson?

I got over that.

I came to love swimming. And I even got good at it.

In high school, I earned letters for my swim times. As an adult, I've become a triathlete and my strengths shine most during the swimming leg of triathlons.

When this gets overwhelming (which it will), I'll draw on my inner Danibear. I'll remember that I've gotten over my fears before ... now it's time to do it again.

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