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Answer the Call

When I started moving into tech, I caught on that there's a wealth of coding challenges.

But the one competition that's always stood out to me is IBM's Call for Code.

What It's About

IBM described the Call for Code best when they said that it, "invites developers and problem solvers around the world to build solutions that fight back against the most pressing issues of our time. Together with the Linux Foundation, top solutions are open sourced and deployed."

This Year's Call to Arms

For the 2020 challenge, the tech community's being asked to address the impact of COVID-19 or climate change.

So you can use your experience with AI, IoT, data science and open source platforms to build a solution to tip the scales in our favor.

Perfection's Not the Goal

Remember, perfection is the enemy of good.

If you're having doubts about getting started or you're concerned that you're not good enough, now's the time to breath deep and focus on what you can do instead of what you can't.

And in all honesty, while I started working on the 2018 challenge, I couldn't finish it and realized that I was in over my head.

But you know what? That was valuable because it showed me where I needed to grow.

Now That You're Grounded

Kick off your project by checking out how Prometeo won the 2019 challenge by designing an IoT and machine learning device that protects firefighters:

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